christmas 2012

we spent christmas at home this year with my family. my mom went all out with food as she always does--ham loaf for christmas eve dinner, belgian waffles and fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast and a turkey dinner on christmas. Mmmm! we spent a lot of our time watching ems move her tiny body and show off her cheeks. she's the star of the show! she slept like a champ in the pack and play--her first time using it.

one of the better parts of the holidays is seeing old friends when they come to visit their families in utah. shout out to caterina and our days in italy! love you and jess and now our kids that are in tow!

the week before christmas my grandparents threw a big party for the whole family. its been over a year since i've seen some of my cousins! we chatted, ate a delicious dinner, opened presents and played games. emery snoozed the night away leaving me & jared to eat without bouncing the babe.

we missed the lishes this year but are oh so glad emery's blessing was just after christmas so we could be together.

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