this is totally old news, but i want to remember a few things about being pregnant. so here we go...

it was busy season not once but TWICE while i was pregnant. me + the babe spent our days and nights at work. i joke that the sound of the keyboard has to be the most familiar sound to her. all the hours logged doing taxes helped my pregnancy cruise by, but in the moment the days felt so long and i dreamed of a couch and cat naps.

my mom never got sick with her pregnancies so i hoped for the same. in the first trimester as long as i ate lots of small meals, i felt great. i occasionally would catch a glimpse of nausea, but then if i ate a snack i was cured. the more i talk to friends about pregnancy, the more grateful i am for an easy first trimester. one of the first things i noticed while pregnant was my inability to run. just before the pregnancy i was running quite a bit, and at about 6 weeks i lost major gusto in that department. my runs turned into slow jogs with lots of walking, and i tired extremely fast.

trimester two was uncomfortable as my tummy grew and my clothes got tighter. for me trimester two wasn't the sweet spot like some women say, but its probably because i didn't have a bad first trimester. sleep was really hard because my tummy wasn't big enough to support itself when i laid on my side causing it to pull on my back. enter a full body pillow that overtook every last inch of jared's sleeping space! the pillow helped but i still woke up a gazillion times. pregnancy started feeling real in the second trimester. the best part about this time was feeling little limbs moving around for the first time! 18 weeks to be exact! little e was very active at night when i went to bed and then usually active again during my 5ish am  bathroom break.

in the last trimester i felt gigantic. as in look-at-myself-in-the-mirror-everyday-and-wonder-how-my-tummy-could-possibly-stretch-any-farther gigantic. the heat and an achy back were my biggest irritants during this time, but still both were completely manageable. ironically, my office chair at work was the most comfortable place for me to be next to laying down. fab news for me because i spent a lot of time at work at the very end of my pregnancy! i made it to girl's camp at 32 weeks pregnant and feared everything from sleeping to getting comfortable sitting in the heat during the day to midnight bathroom breaks. despite my worries, pregnant me fared pretty well. someone was definitely looking out for me.

i feel pretty lucky with how my body handled this pregnancy. there have been many times in the last month that i've caught myself trying to feel little kicks and movements in my stomach. its something to watch your body change and grow a little person!


Kim and Preston said...

So amazing Candace. I love that you remembered and recorded these special things.

Chelsea said...

i'm so glad your pregnancy wasn't awful. emery is seriously beautiful and i can't wait to meet her. i'll call you this afternoon or tomorrow to catch up!