showering breanne

hey you guys! did you think you would see a post in february? tax season has the best of me, but i escaped this weekend and had some fun. and despite the lack of posts around here, rest assure that i scour all of your blogs/pinterest/instagrams when i've had enough numbers. 6 weeks left and i will be a free woman again.

this weekend my mom / haley / i showered my cousin breanne who is expecting a baby boy in march. it was so fun putting together the perfect ladies' lunch gathering. my mom continues to be the world's best cook and made two yummy salad bars--an oriental salad with grilled chicken and a raspberry & nut salad with sweet honey dressing. both equally amazing! throw grandma's orange rolls in there and top it off with the most beautiful chocolate cake and key-lime graham cracker shooters. i could not stop eating.

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