i've been wondering if it would ever happen

photography by jessica kettle

and i think we're getting closer!
i worked with kirsten krason last spring to update my family room.
she taught me so much about design throughout the process,
 and i love the pattern and texture in the room.

i'll be sure to give you sources and more deets when we have all the photos.
hopefully for reals this time in the next week or two.


Camille said...

wait a second... THAT'S YOUR HOUSE?!? I saw her post this morning with these pics and freaked out cause I wanted them in my house. Haha. And then it was really one of my favorite people's house. What a small world. I'm so excited to see more pictures... and hopefully see it in real life one day!

Shannon said...

You are amazing! I just love what you and Kirsten have done.