busy season ended 9/15, and apparently my blog did too! well i'm back, at least for a few posts and hopefully for good.

over the last month i've been on the road loads (english slang from watching too many adele videos). right now i sit in san diego where it's 70 degrees outside and i can see the ocean from my hotel room. not bad. the mr. is hard at work here during the day, but we're spending nights together which i'll take. it beats traveling solo and being in colder places. if all goes well, we'll have a few days to vacation together at the end of the week.

we just finished up a weekend at disneyland with my fam. nothing short of a grand old time.

mom loves disneyland a lot a lot//the decor throughout the parks is so fun this time of year!//adventureland's indiana jones was our first stop//turkey legs remain the most disgusting menu item at the park, although jared & zach beg to differ

the matterhorn, whawhaaa?//c.bugs about to dominate toy story//the troop//world of color from the front row

tower of terror, one of my top 3 fave rides//coaster craziness//the men with the biggest splash//the fall on splash

why hello, main street//the swings where we spotted a celebrity//world of color take 2//celeb photo shoot with manny from modern family

a successful trip to the happiest place on earth! it's debatable what i loved more... taking a few days off a work or being with the whole family longer than sunday dinner. till next time!

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Sarah (: said...

Love the photos! Looks like it was a blast. (: