buon appetito

mom & i took an italian cooking class at thanksgiving point.
i'm sure it was more useful for one of us than the other. i'll let you guess who's who.
the chef, who cooks at cucina toscana---mmm, exuded all things italian culture.
i was in my own heaven watching him talk with his hands as he
told stories in his strong accent.
 he walked us through tiramisu, pork tenderloin and
my favorite of the day lasagna bianca.


Russ said...

yum! that sounds like so much fun, i have never been to cucina toscana but i've heard its the best!

Emily Jones said...

oops that was me not Russ!

Sarah (: said...

You should teach me your rad Italian cooking skills when I'm home for Christmas! (: It looks like you had fun. (: