things are feeling very black and white as my days get busier with accounting during this insane-work-all-hours-of-the-night season. i have so many lovely and not so lovely thoughts to share. it's been too long.

february is not my month for sticking to new year's resolutions. i know i'm only one month out, whoops! i baked a batch of bread and forgot to add the salt. it wasn't until a day later when i made a toast that i noticed the lack of salt. so now i salt my bread before eating it and think to myself awesome job genious. ahh - it would have been so simple to add a teaspoon of salt to the dough before i cooked it. i told you i joined book club. i've made it to just one meeting and read a total of one chapter in one book. eeek! this is not supposed to be happening.

kristyne is living with us and she is my saving grace. it is so fantastic to have someone around the house at night while the mr. works long hours. we cook and eat dinner together, laugh at our favorite reality tv shows, and chat about boys/work/school. our routine is really so awesome. bless her.

my eyes are healed and i feel like i've witnessed a miracle every morning when i reach for my glasses and realize i don't need them anymore. the doctor says i see 20/20 in each eye individually and he's hopeful my eyes improve a little from there. laser eyes rock.

saturday morning at the early hour of 5 am, i was driving a car of young women to the temple. feeling a little delirious as anyone does at that insane hour, i saw the empty and dark state street as my own highway to the temple. the girls and i were chit chatting while music played quietly behind our voices when BAM! we passed a hidden police car facing state street. i held my breath for five seconds while i watched the car inch onto my highway. sure enough he flipped on his lights and my heart sunk. 44 in a 35, he told me while requesting my license and registration. i obliged and told him i was indeed going too fast. he asked where a group of girls in dresses were going at such an early hour, and i didn't know how to respond. i think i actually said, "we're going downtown (pause - thinking do i play the temple card) to the temple." he walked back to his car with flashing lights and returned only to hand over my license and registration and tell me the speed limit from where i was all the way to the temple was 35. i rolled up my window feeling giddy (good job playing the temple card - someone was looking out for us) and made the girls promise me no testimonies in sacrament about the time sis. lish was speeding and got pulled over.

my list of things to do once i plow through busy season continues to grow. i'm gearing up for another paint job and think my bedroom might be the place. between a fresh coat of colored paint and some bold patterned draperies (maybe something like these or these), i think it would make a fantastic post-busy-season recovery room. i'm also so ancy to create a little flower bed near my patio, but i suppose it will be covered in snow for another month or so.

happy tuesday and you're a champ if you read more than a paragraph of my ramblings.


Chelsea said...

sorry work is so crazy. when it slows down we need to get together. i'm totally open after sunday.

Candice said...

I LOVE the temple story. The girls will remember that forever. You are so amazing. I wish that I could do more to help you in this crazy season.

Shannon said...

I cannot believe you got pulled over on the way to the temple... that is awesome and hilarious! What a fun memory, and way to pull the temple card.

Jen said...

I am a champ, since I read through the whole post. I really would have missed out if I hadn't gotten to and read your getting pulled over on the way to the temple story. :)

Haley and Zach Chipman said...

I have forgotten salt before too!! It is horrible without it. Lets go on a vacation when your busy season is over!

Tiffany Rumsey said...

I loved your comment on my blog and it made me really miss work...not the crazy hours that I'm sure you're putting in right now but hanging out with so many great people. I miss you all! Tell everyone hi for me.