'round the tree

we had a lovely christmas spent with my family this year.

santa visited us christmas eve at home||we slumbered in matching pj's||
mom spoiled us all with ham loaf and other fixings||
wii sports provided hours of laughter||christmas day took us to the theater to see "true grit"

we played wii tennis long enough for my little brother to teach us how to play like he does.
it took all day. the mr. claims he is still sore.

and what's christmas without a walk around temple square?

i hope yours was equally filled with family and love.
around the tree 2009 here.


Candice said...

That Santa is amazing. The beard is the most important part, and he has a great beard. I like your your Mom's apron too.

Merry Christmas!

Camille said...

Looks like a fun Christmas! You guys are so dang cute. I'm sure Jared loved the skis... you are a good wife :)