scrumptious lazing numbing heartbreaking

we left for thanksgiving in boise
earlier than we originally planned so we could avoid the snowstorms.
after all, last week utah braced for "the storm of the century."
ha - epic fail.

after a few extra hours in the car, we made it safely and for that i'm grateful.
the week was well worth it.
we played with little alexa twice before she left for salt lake.

her favorites are peekaboo, throw-all-the-pillows-in-a-huge-pile-and-jump,
and any kind of nummy you give her.

once the baby distraction left, we had to find our own things to do. jaime and i baked two batches of cupcakes--oreo and coconut--and cut out tomkat's thanksgiving toppers. i have no finished product pictures because we bought the wrong whole punch for the toppers.

dinner tasted like the best meal of the year that it is. janeen worked so hard for all of us,
and it was much appreciated. we've been eating frozen foods and toast since we got home.

i carried a cold around with me all week and i'm still not done with it.
that and the single-digit numbing temperatures were not in my favor.

football really killed jared's weekend. boise state's loss took a piece of his heart,
and byu's loss didn't relieve any sadness.
he still isn't watching his espn shows for fear the words will really hurt.

now back to gift shopping i go. one more night...
i can do this. 

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