sweet land of liberty

ahh! i love summer holidays!
there's just something about being outside, soaking up the sun, playing in nature, bbq-ing, and then hanging out in the cool breeze of the night under the stars. all with family and friends.

we left for boise on friday morning and didn't start driving home until monday afternoon. it was a lovely break from our everyday routines at home.

we swam at the neighbor's pool a lot. i swear the water was heated to 80 degrees or some really warm tempature that didn't have any bite when you first got in. amazing!

little alexa came swimming with us, and she sat in her floatie and kicked her legs every direction with a big smile on her face. jaime and alexa are bff's.

the mr. trying to convince me to get in the water.
i preferred a loung chair and tanning oil, which i clearly need.

the boys can turn any activity into something dangerous and basketball-like. jared's brother "lite" is throwing the ball on the right with cruches and a torn acl from our last adventure together.

here's out attempt at "july." we're almost there.
sparklers are my favorite fireworks. i could light 10 of them in one night and be so entertained.

jared lighting a "tank" firework in the front of the house.

a mortar we picked up on our way into town.

and we ended the show with a little drummer fountain.

i'm missing the holiday already! 'til next year...


Candice said...

Beautiful pictures! And I LOVE your blog design...where did you get the template? I love your fonts and colors. You are so awesome.

Candace said...

Thanks Candice! You're very nice. I wish I could say I made the background and the fonts, but my friend jenna did. She's at qadesigns.blogspot.com, and she is amazing!

Michelle said...

Looks like you had a blast. I also love the summer holidays. That pic of you and "the Mr." is darling.

Our Little Online Corner said...

What a FUN vacation. Sometimes you just need a few days away and it is so refreshing. Your little niece is so adorable too! I just want to eat her arms.