monday slumday

i can't honestly believe...
i'm still watching the bachelorette. the lines feel more scripted and the cheese is thicker than ever. i think it's reached the phase where nobody should be trusted even though everyone professes to be there "for the right reasons." what does that even mean? i'm not convinced ali is even going to pick anyone in the end, and it makes me mad just thinking about it. i think she's gotten what she wants from it--the fame and glam. yah-dee-yah... time to find another television timewaster.

oh, and the bachelor pad preview?!? the bachelorette was never a functional/wholesome show, and the bachelor pad looks about 1 million times worse. jared says he would watch it just to see the weatherman, and i might agree. he's hilarious! i love his line from the bachelorette when he's filming the music video and he and ali are passionately kissing in the library when talks about the scene saying,
"like a rocket ship - it just blew up emotionally."
haha! are you kidding me?

just one more thing about the bachelorette... how about craig r. tonight? he's so vocal and his opinions are right on! i would like to see him and "rated r" fight it out.

i woke up saturday morning...
to the aftermath of my birthday gift, my first month's bill from the iphone. as if the dozens of dropped phone calls were enough of a gift from at&t, my bill was sky high and i assure you i didn't use not even one extra minute/text/data. they have a fee for everything, and oh my plan is prepay because that's what i signed up for (really?), and don't forget the ginormous setup charge!!! ugh. i called customer service at 9 am when it opened, and they were about as helpful and friendly as a couple of robots on another planet. basically i've got 2 years of crap coming my way.

the phone is awesome, and i can multi-task just about anywhere with it. {this is what i will tell myself for the next two years.} i'm skyping, and tweeting, and blogging, and being entertained with games and the world wide and it's fun! it's almost scary how much i can do with it. like i have to think to myself to put the phone down and just let it be me and jared for the night.

to celebrate the pioneers...
we had my family over for a bbq. for the first time in our marriage and my life, in the last six months or so i think the cooking thing has finally clicked. the mr. and i make regular meals together complete with side dishes and vegetables, and we both actually like how they taste. it hasn't always been this way. just ask my family (or spend a few minutes with me in the kitchen with them), and all of the old jokes will come back. like one time i thought a cucumber was a zucchini and i cooked it with olive oil and squash on the stove. yea, it doesn't taste right.

i've ventured out of my usual recipes to try a few new ones. i could never say i love a recipe blog or website because you just never know what you're going to get. but i can say that jenna's peach mango chicken over coconut rice is to die for, and sara has perfected the classic pancake. serious, if you're looking for new recipes try them both and then look around on their blogs for more ideas.

ps - isn't jenna's recipe blog adorable?

i'm off to bed to sleep this monday away and carry on refreshed from leaving my worries here with you. good night.


Shannon said...

Yes, that show is ridiculous. It's like a train wreck (a very scripted train wreck)--you just can't stop watching! So frustrating.

VoNique and Jared said...

How was the finale for you? I totally cried. I felt so bad for Chris. I think Chris is better than Roberto.

Candace said...

Haha! Vo, I totally liked Chris the most too. He seemed more real and genuine, but I can see the connection with Ali and Mr. Roberto. He's handsome and romantic.

Ahhh! We really need to get together. I miss you guys!