a black tie event

six months out of the year my job can be gruesome and exhausting and require long hours and can be easy to complain about. (like i just did.) but the other six months of the year can be delightful and energizing with plenty of vacations and downtime. we're in a stretch of those good months now.

i got a double holiday this last weekend, so 4 days to spend sleeping in without my computer in tow. then i got back to work on tuesday to spend the rest of the week... one afternoon at the zoo, a half day at the partner's country club, and one evening at a black tie event.

the black tie event is one of the most impressive and motivating evenings i've experienced. ernst & young sponsored the program--"entrepreneur of the year"--to recognize the bright minds behind successful local businesses. it was held at the salt palace and started as a cocktail hour, and then turned into dinner and an awards ceremony with a structure like the grammy awards (take me seriously here) only slc business style. bruce lindsay mc'd the event, and as winners from each of the categories were announced they walked up to the stage to receive a trophy and give a quick hoorah about the company and their background. so fascinating!

todd pedersen from apx alarm won in a category, and told about being one of 10 kids growing up and being sent to a boy's school. he said that nobody thought he would live to 18. another winner talked about convincing her parent's to mortgage their home so she could get capital to start her business. i sat in fascination.

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