fondue for four

we had our wonderful provo friends over for fondue valentine's dinner. i think it's becoming tradition since we did the exact same thing last year, with a few new twists.

this year the mr. grilled steaks on the bbq. the bbq is new to us, and i can already tell the mr. is obsessed. i think it's a great way to get him cooking more, and he grills quite the masterpiece. cheers to that!

also new this year... sautéed mushrooms & green apples. thumbs up on both.
and one of these days, we really need to try the real deal. i hear the best things, except for the hefty tab at the end.

also just in... how adorable is this valentine from my mother-in-law:

complete with pink frosted sugar cookies with our initials.
jared and i got the package in the mail on saturday, and we were so giddy.

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VoNique and Jared said...

That was way fun and way good and I loved your Valentine's Day decorations! We'll have to play again soon!