living and breathing again

i always feel the pressure to post something awesome when i've neglected the blog for a while. i'm pretty sure this won't be a life-altering post, but hey... i'm back! and i've missed you guys.

work is going well. no, seriously--i'm actually enjoying it, and i'm not lying through my teeth. i've met some awesome people and made lots of new friends in the last few weeks. i feel so grateful to have the experience of starting a career and just to be at this point in life. i'm taking it all in and learning as much as possible. bring out the cheez ball...

the last few weeks have made me realize that starting a career is one of those defining moments in life where you reflect on your past and learn all kinds of things about the person you are. the last month has reminded me of experiences like study abroad & the jr. core in college. you just can't replace it with anything else!

the commute from orem to downtown is my new hell, but hopefully we can get our act together and move one day. still no word on the house. about every week there is an episode that goes like this: i get really frustrated hating the commute and get super impatient and semi freak out, jared calms me down and talks some sense into me and tells me it's all going to work out, and then i'm okay for another week. poor guy. how does he do it?

on another note... i'm working on a little fix-er-up project reupholstering an office chair. i bought a retro 1970's chair from my favorite ksl classifieds, and i'm changing the fabric to ikea's patricia line:

i want to use my handy sewing machine (bday gift from the mr.) to whip up some draperies and a throw pillow in one of these matching fabrics. it's a little crafty for me, but i'm excited about it.
happy weekend & hopefully we will both be seeing more of each other.




Rebecca said...

why hello there... you blogged... and hey,i did too! yup miracles happen. let's just say we are too busy living life to blog about it.

i really love the ikea fabric choices. i am in full support. thank goodness they were finally in stock.

next week+you+me=an outing

love you!

VoNique and Jared said...

You're not supposed to move. You're supposed to live as close to us as possible for as long a possible. Sorry. = ) Tennis was fun today! We definitely need to do it again soon!

Michelle said...

I cannot imagine commuting to SL. I am surprised you only freak out once a week!

The Smiths said...

I love the fabric! Good luck, and post pictures when you finish!

Mic and Jazzy said...

Welcome back to blogland. I hope your commute doesn't actually kill you-- I bet it is so tough though. I'm glad Jared can calm you down, that's what husbands are for!