sunshine and summertime

this week marks the beginning of summer. {jump & shout}. now begins the season of no school, time at the pool, late night runs to taco bell, frisbee at the park, boating on the lake, snow cones, nights in the canyon, and oh wait... my first real job! so you can quasi scratch out all of the above. i feel bitter-sweet, a little bummed out to miss a relaxing summer but a little ready to go to work. it's strange that i'm torn. am i going to eat these words in a month? check!

this month i've been wrapping up my old job and training my replacement. i'm sad to be leaving my peeps and the cost accounting job that i'm finally understanding, but i'm way excited for what's to come in salt lake in just 2 weeks. today my co-workers threw a double party for me--one to celebrate another year of life tomorrow and another to celebrate our time together at work. they wrote the nicest cards to me, and we joked and laughed while we ate cake and ice cream in the conference room. in terms of time on the clock, it was pretty unbeatable!

i keep sneaking away from work early to play with my family. we have a relative here from italy--cecilia. she's 16, adorable, and speaks english like a dream. it's been a blast to take her around and spend time seeing and doing the american stuff.

{meet ceci on your left at the new oquirrh mountain temple}

we went to the open house monday and toured the gorgeous temple. i loved walking through every room with my brother who is so eager to go back at age 12 for baptisms.

tuesday we made our way to park city resort and outlets. i had ridden on the alpine slide years ago and was shocked to see the facelift they gave the place. we first road the new coaster, which was AWESOME. then we rode the alpine slide.

today we played on utah lake. it was our first time out this summer, and i was freaking out at the dead body that is missing in the lake but i managed.

jared is a surfer.

jared and zach are surfers.

sienna is a surfer.

i surfed too, but as you can see i'm the photographer. no proof just my word. happy summer!

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