i love this girl

meet my lovely friend camille who suffered through the accounting jr. core with me. we scored the same groups for 2 semesters! i met her the same day i met the mr. in september '06. she shares my love for music and the outdoors, and she's had a bird's eye view of me and jared from friends to dating to marriage. oh, how i love camille!

she will be hitched in just one month to a great guy. her garden party was stupendous.

and the food delish.

congratulations camille!
*photos by lucy.


Ryan ♥ Breelyn said...

Oh that looks like such a fun party! It looks like it was planned by Martha Stewart herself! :) How did you get the pictures to be big like that? I've been trying to do that for a while but can't. Help!
Also where did you decided to move in SLC?!?! Maybe we'll be neighbors! I hope so!

Candace said...

to get the pictures big is semi-ridiculous, but here's what i do: open a picture with microsoft picture manager and adjust the image size to be a certain number of pixels wide. i think the pics on this post are about 560 pixels wide. then save the newly sized photo. i upload the photo to a picasa web album, then instead of adding a picture file through blogger, i use the right hand side of blogger's picture upload to add the image's direct web address there. let me know if that doesn't make sense, but yea it's time consuming.

so salt lake... we're still working on that one. we actually have an offer on a home in traverse mountain (lehi) right now. not exactly salt lake, but i'm in love with the house and it's 2 minutes from the freeway! i'll keep you posted.

Michelle said...

Aren't you so grateful for good friends!

ms-mclaws said...

this post made me so happy. I think you may be one of my favorite people ever, and also I'm glad my shower provided you with ideas for your next paint job. Thanks again for coming... I love you candach-e!

em ♥ muffin said...

you have a blog? rad!
i am loving your sunglasses by the way!