one whole lotta luck

do any of you read YHO? i'm a fan. if you live in the greater salt lake valley, you should be a fan too.

my blogging has taking me to occasionally enter into giveaways (i'm a sucka for free stuff), and last week turned out successful. i won the downeast swim giveaway from YHO. it was one of those giddy, jump-up-and-down moments. i mean, who actually wins that stuff anyway?

the question is... which suit and coverup?

see more here.


Lance and Chelsea said...

hey that's awesome! i love the yellow myself, but they're all pretty cute!

Russ and Emily Jones said...

I love YHO! i KNEW it was you when it said Candace L. won!

Jen said...

Awesome. I love Down East Basics. I have never tried any of their swim suits, but I have more than a handful of their shirts. I'll have to check out YHO, I'd never heard of it before.