i got my hair done last week, again. if i could go every week, i really might. the dark color had faded into a pumpkin-spice, ashy red color and looked especially terrible in the sun. i was a little frustrated because it faded quickly, but i thought i would have one more go around at my salon to see if the dark color didn’t hold this time.

my conversation with becky the hairstylist went something like this:

me: “i’m concerned it’s fading really quickly and fading into a yucky red shade.”
becky: “you were a blonde, but yeah it’s pretty faded. what shampoo do you use?”
me: “costco’s generic.” {i go for the cheapest of the cheapest - never noticed a difference in the fancy vs. the bulky cheap.}
becky: “mmm… that stuff is really, REALLY hard on your hair. it strips it of everything.”
me: {you think i haven’t heard this before? let me guess, you want me to buy your salon special shampoo for $$$}

i was again talked into the salon shampoo, or at least out of costco's generic. this time is different – my hair is still the brown color it was last week! i'm sold.

{apparently i should use this in the sun to avoid an ashy red.}

who would have thought that one product could make such a difference? what do you folks use? whatever's on sale, fancy bulk sizes like me, something in a cute bottle?


Mic and Jazzy said...

I use costco too..maybe I should reconsider...

Rebecca said...

Haha! I can totally hear you having that convo with the hair girl. So my latest obsession is Bumble and Bumble. Love it!


ms-mclaws said...

So I totally went through this... and got convinced to buy Redken. It's AMAZING how much longer the color lasts! So yeah, i'm sold too.

Scott and Brittany said...

I totally understand!! I used the Costco brand too, did great for my hair, but when I died it I had to switch. There are 2 kinds I love Redken (amazing) and S Factor (holds color so well and smells like heaven).
Congratulations on graduating!!! And we still need to get together!:)

Michelle said...

i haven't heard of this brand. My sister is a beautician and thinks it is important that I use the expensive stuff too. So she buys it at her price for me...that is the only reason I use the good stuff. I buy the cheap stuff for my kids and scott gets his at the salon when he gets his hair cut.