my parents left to europe yesterday and left the mr. and i to watch after my brother, the two dogs, and the house. unfair, right? after seeing how things went yesterday, i can tell you the mr. will get in lots of quality espn time this week, including his favorite "pti" and "around the horn." i’ll probably get lost in flower beds, trimming and pulling a little here and there. we will both walk the dogs a lot, and if we’re really lucky, the dogs may lose a little weight from so many walks. they are well fed?

meanwhile the parentals will be kicked back with tasty food and wonderful company in one of my favorite places. saturday they’ll see a distant cousin get married.

it will be a pretty italian wedding at a quaint church in my relatives’ hometown of leini. there will be a full day’s activities and a procession of people following the bride and groom through the narrow streets of the town. hopefully my less-than-proper and rather loud-spoken father will behave and not distract from the couple’s attention. at times he resembles a reckless toddler in a compact porcelain store. but the italians adore him. here's my proof, an email from giusi last week:

in the meantime i'll be playing mom in the switch-a-roo. not so sure i got the good end of the stick.

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