the madness of march

i'm not sure how familiar any of you are with the term church ball, but it's serious stuff. the mr. and i were married fall of '07, and subsequently moved into our current basement apartment where we go to a family ward of our church. this is where it all started for me.

you see, the mr. loves to play all sports. but you could say he has a special love for basket, as the italians refer to basketball. during the blessed month of march, and yes i did say month, the mr. is most likely found watching ncaa ball, playing byu intramurals, catching up with espn, joining the ward team for more playing action, researching his bracket, etc. you get the point. life for jared = basket, and he loves it.

church ball happens to be one of my highlights. each ward has a team of guys--old men, pre-mish in shape 18-year-olds, dad's who love to reminisce on the glory days of high school, and the newlyweds also tend to make their way out. the dynamic of the varied players, the families and ward members who cheer them on, and the referees and officials create so much drama. it is unbelievable how legitimate the games are and how intense the competition is. it's sheer entertainment, and fantastic entertainment at that.

our ward team played in the tourney over the last few weeks and won in the regional finals saturday. it wasn't just any win; there were flagrant fouls, a player getting thrown against the wall, technical fouls, an announcer complete with music, people yelling, crowds boo-ing, etc. one word: drama. i just can't fathom how people(bishopric members, parents, neighbors, etc.) feel justified with their actions, especially knowing it's church ball. there must be a reason a movie was created to capture all of the drama.

{the championship team}

their prize? t-shirts and cutting down the net, which now has a home on the refrigerator:


VK said...

This is your dads cousin Vicki. I found you through Micci who I totally love reading.
I have to tell you about my technical foul while being the time keeper at a church ball game.
I said "Oh just let 'em play the game." (okay I yelled it)
and so the ref asked me who's wife I was so he could call the tech on the right team.
Go Tarheels!!!

Jessica and Reecey said...

Oh the drama of ward ball. One of my favorite parts of Mormon culture. And I LOVE that the trophy resides on your fridge :)

Ryan ♥ Breelyn said...

Ha ha ha boys are so funny when it comes to church ball. Ryan gets so into too! ha ha ha oh boys.

Kelly and Bryce said...

Hey I hear you about the church ball thing! Bryce was the coach for our ward's team and they made it to the regional finals. There were like 5 games in 2 days! Its Crazy!!!