hippie what?

i got an idea from a fellow blogger to get all crafty and create a new headband. the idea seemed great, and the headband really looked good on this other girl. she had a unique look going on, but yet chic.

over the weekend i toted jared around to the craft store to buy silk flowers, then to target for elastic headbands, and finally to my mom's for a hot glue gun. please keep in mind: i'm not your typically utah chick who throws everything together vis-a-vis the craft store and "makes" things. in most cases i've learned the hard way to steer clear of robert's and michael's.

tonight i finished my headband. jared got home just in time to see me working with the final product, if you will.

unfortunately, i didn't have the camera out to capture his face. but it was one of those is-she-serious, what-the-heck-has-happened kindof looks.

realizing my hippie nature, i joined with jared in a sword fight using the stems from the flowers.

and then somehow this lead to kissing (see jared's headband)

okay, but in a weird way i do like my hippie headband. after my husband's reaction, i may never wear it again. and hey, maybe that's a good thing.


Lisa Michelle said...

It's true. It appears he likes your bum a lot more than he likes your headband.

Christina and Ryan said...

Love the butt grabbing. The girls in "The City" wear headbands like this. I think it is going to be one of those things where our kids will look at pictures of us and say "HAHA mom, what are you wearing?!"

VoNique and Jared said...

Not my style, but definitely some of my friends'! Maybe you can get Jared to reenact his reaction, I'd of loved to see it!

Lance and Chelsea Lawrence said...

all i can say is WOW! haha.