Thanksgiving Holiday

We just returned from our holiday in Mexico with the Lish family.

The trip began in Mexico City where Jared led all 11 of us through different areas of his mission. We met wonderful people who smiled and cried when they saw Jared's sweet face, we saw the beauty of the newly opened Mexico City Temple, we climbed to the tippity top of the Teotihuacan Pyramids, and we ate some delicious tacos.

Then we were off to Acapulco to celebrate the wedding of Jared's brother. In Acapulco, I mostly laid on the beach and enjoyed the pure serenity it offered. But we did get out to see the infamous divers, eat Thanksgiving dinner at Applebees, and hold crocodiles, monkeys, and ginormous snakes. Of course, yours truly had anxiety that was through the roof and only participated in the animal festivities from a distance.

I hope your holiday was warm and happy with food and family.

Photos to follow in a few days. I'm determined to buy and decorate a tree this evening.


Mic and Jazzy said...

You went to Mexico? cmon Candace. how are we not supposed to be jealous of that. If I see you and you are tan, I will barf.

The Cox Family said...

Sounds like a fun trip. What a fun way to spend Thanksgiving. Thanks for the comment. We are getting excited to have one of each. Shirlyn and Deven