Santa Baby

It seems like Christmas should be one of the holidays that should change when you get older, like your birthday does. But for me and Jared, it felt like we were both 5 all over again this year.

My family holds a Christmas party every year that Santa comes to. We sing songs together, he tells us the same holiday jokes, and the kids take a turn sitting on Santa's lap. Santa proudly called for Jared and me, married and all, to squeeze onto his knee.

My cousin got lucky and played the role of Rudolph prancing throughout the basement as we all sang Jingle Bells. Perfect role for a stubborn teenager. Jared played Rudolph last year.

My two bros sharing their list with Santa.

Zach, 20-years-old, is getting smarter. He came fully prepared this year with a Subaru brochure to show Santa.
Cole is a big sweetheart and is still not quite sure what to believe when his older friends laugh at the thought of Santa being "real."

Christmas Eve we drove the icy canyon roads to greet the whole family of 21 people and 4 dogs at the cabin.

Here's my proof with matching PJs and all.

This cousin (being Santa's elf in the pic) curled my hair and made me look all fancy. We had some girl time.

Jared and his best buddy Corbin doing "fips" as Corbin says.

Jared and I all sorts of coordinating.

Christmas morning we watched all the little ones rip open their gifts and talk about how fantastic Santa is.

Santa visited the Lishes this year and bundled us in new warm coats. I know. Awesome.

I completely pulled off a surprise this year for my husband. C'mon, look at his face.

A few days ago this bad boy arrived at my house. I wanted to peek so badly and almost did once, but that's cheating.

My look of complete and utter shock as I realize what I'm opening.


I absolutely love this painting by Greg Olsen. Jared is so thoughtful. He did this 100% by himself, and I didn't even hint towards anything in this direction. Now I just need to decide where to place it on the wall.

I warned you... it really was like a 5-year-old's Christmas, but the best part was relaxing with family and eating yummy food inside of a warm place.

We missed the other half of the family this year, but we'll be in Boise soon. We caught the Lishes for a minute on their way to San Diego, yes driving, to see BSU play in the bowl game. What troopers!


Michelle said...

What a fun christmas.....so when are you going to adopt me into your family. I want to be five again!

The Cox Family said...

Candice it looks like you had a few drinks when you opened that gift. Merry Christmas Deven Cox

VoNique and Jared said...

How fun! But were you able to find the Neil Diamond station again?

Mic and Jazzy said...

Aw looks like you guys had a great Christmas. I hope you didn't get stranded up at the cabin with all of that snow. Or maybe you DID get stranded and it was a good thing?

PS I got my D60 and I am in heaven.

Bryan said...

Hey, I know that Santa! Did you know Santa lives down the street from my parents? :)

Candace said...

In fact, yes I know this Santa too. Turns out he's the older brother of my friend Annie. I put it together one year after our Christmas party when I was at her house and he greeted me with a ho-ho-ho and cracked some joke. How embarrasing!