Zipidee do da, Zipidee day

my oh my, what a wonderful day. Splash Mountain still takes the cake for best ride ever! I’m still singing the songs and dancing to the tunes.

Jared and I got back Sunday from a weekend of play in Disneyland. Here is some of the fun:

I spent Saturday in Newport where I saw Becca and Kate and their darling apartment. It’s all decorated with sand, sea shells, palm trees, and so many warm weathered items. I walked around all weekend in summer clothes, but they both tell me they miss Utah. Hmpf.

{Becca, Me, Kate}


Mic and Jazzy said...

LOVE the tie dye. I'm sad we only got to see you guys for a quick second though, we needed a LOT longer than just the weekend.

The Cox Family said...

Looks like disneyland was a ton of fun. Gracie keeps asking when we are going back to Disneyland. I keep telling her hopefully soon. Truthfully I just want to come back to the mainland for a little while. Shirlyn