Sometimes I get anxious and like to plan way ahead for life events—birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc. Last month I asked Jared how we would celebrate our 1-year anni, and he happily replied to tell me he would take care of it.

Note: If either Jared or I are the planning/decision making type, trust me, I fit the description much better.

Much to my surprise, Jared planned our anniversary a full month in advance and sent an evite to me with all the details. He had planned a relaxing weekend in Park City.

Our anniversary fell on a Sunday this year so we left Saturday morning to Park City. We both worked really hard during the week so that we could leave our homework behind and just be together the two of us.

We laughed over dinner, I cried when I read Jared’s cute words in the card he wrote to me, and we reminisced on our first year of marriage. (He's still got me hooked, and yes I realize it's a bit mushy mushy.)

The weekend reminded me how important it is to not let life get too complicated. We don’t have kids, we have no “real” jobs, and somehow we manage to keep ourselves "busy" enough that we too get lost in the rush of life. Our anni took us back to the basics and we soaked up every minute we spent together.

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VoNique and Jared said...

That is soo cute that he planned all of that by himself!