5 Reasons I Know I’m Ready for Fall

1. I’m wearing a fuzzy, comfy sweater today even though the high is 79 degrees. I’m going to be my own cooked turkey by this afternoon, but I’m ready to switch up my wardrobe and it’s super comfortable!

2. I crave chili and soup with warm homemade bread. It just doesn’t taste the same in the heat of the summer, but fall couldn’t welcome that kind of meal better. Cool down weather!

3. I dipped into my “winter” makeup—my skin is no longer tan and requires more of a beige color base.

4. I’m itching for a date to Sundance to walk around in the multi-colored leaves and snap some photos.

5. Last reason: Our apartment needs to cool down, especially at night. I don’t think the peeps upstairs run the A/C this time of year, and man our apartment feels like an oven at times.

So please Fall, come already! This is my request that you hurry up and get here.

Yours truly,

Candace, one big fan of Fall season


Amanda said...

so funny. it's chilly here already, and i am wondering if fall is coming early to let me know that winter will be yucky...i guess we'll see! at least the fall colors will be ever so lovely...

Rebecca said...

I agree! It is a little cooler here today... it makes me very happy! I love fall the most of all and there is no such thing here by the beach. I can't wait for my Thanksgiving in Utah Week. Soup, warm bread, and pumpkin cookies make my world go round! Love you!

The Cox Family said...

Thinking of Fall makes me so home sick. It is my favorite time of year. I miss seasons. It is still so hot here and I feel it will never cool off to where I am comfortable. We don't have air conditioning and I will never live without it again. It's amazing how you miss the little things. People here just accept it, not me. Shirlyn

Mic and Jazzy said...

It rained! score! Sweatshirts are allowed now! Yippee!!

Dani Marie said...

Hey Candice! I love this post! I am loving Fall. How are you? Are things as crazy with school as they are here? Our campus has especially be crazy concerning the election and the economy. My audit professor basically thinks the economic crisis is like chicken little running around screaming "the sky is falling, the sky is falling!" I miss you, and still think you guys should come back to Seattle, but I guess I now have an excuse to come to Utah!

Brian Porter said...

Candice and Jared! Hey, I just barely saw the little note you left way back in the day, Candice. yes that's how good I am at blogging! Hope life is great. Austin is still a possibility for me next year, but we'll see. It will most likely be D.C. How are you guys? Jared, Boise St. is looking good huh?