I'm in the mood for...

I'm itching like crazy to go shopping at Roberts, Michaels & Tai Pan to gather fun leaves and brown ribbon and anything else festive I can find. I'd really like to do something creative with my magnetic picture board which sits in my kitchen, and of course I need a few things in the family room.

I love this time of year! The weather is perfect during the day, and the nights are starting to feel crisp. Soup will start to taste good again, and Jared will be so happy watching one football game after another.

Fall Happenings:

October 26 - 1-Year Anniversary
October 31 - Halloween
November 27 - Thanksgiving Day
November 28/29 - *Pachanga

*Jared's brother is marrying a girl from Mexico, and we're going to her hometown Acapulco for a fiesta or pachanga, which also happens to be my new favorite word.


Rachel said...

I have less elf control, and put up some fall stuf in the living room last week!

Mic and Jazzy said...

Agh I know what you mean. We went to Taipan last week and I wanted to just buy one of everything. Its hard to resist feeling all autumny when its just so dang exciting.

Rebecca said...

I love fall...and sigh...will be missing it. When I come home for Thanksgiving I just might have to stay a week! I fully support your need to decorate in everything autumn-ish. I know whatever you do will look so cute! You have become quite the Martha Stewart in the past year. Very impressive! Oh and soup: tomato dill, baked potato, zucchini, corn chowder....I love soup!! If you come across any new recipes be sure to send them my way! Love you!