Work and Play

We've been up to a lot of work and play. Unfortunately, it hasn't been the other way around, play then work. Here is a quick update of both:

Jared is working at Amazon for the next few weeks. Apparently the company started doing business from a garage years ago, and the original founder is still running the company and is probably not hurting for money. Maybe I should start selling books from a garage?!

Amazon’s headquarters are located a mile from downtown on the top of a hill in this old, brick hospital building. The co. embraces a really casual atmosphere—employees wear shorts or whatever is comfortable, and, this is my favorite part, employees bring their dogs to work! It’s ingenious. Man works best with man’s best friend.

Sometime this week Jared and his team were discussing the most sold books at Amazon recently. He was so proud because he guessed the Twilight series, and apparently the series (which is 3 books) plus Meyer’s new book—The Host—all made the top 20 list. Jared is so in touch with his feminine side thanks to me!

Tax is great. I’m meeting lots of new friends and I learn a ton. I always thought college would give me this great boost into the real world, and it has, but I have so much more to learn about business, tax, and accounting in general. I feel like college sort of skimmed the vastness of what’s out here, but I basically feel lost everyday. It sucks being the dorky intern!

We have a group of friends we really like to chill with here. Last weekend we played Frisbee on the most freezing cold beach! The water was not okay for swimming. As always, Jared played casual Frisbee toss like it was the Olympics.

Whoever threw the frisbee into the water had to fetch it. Jared hiked up his shorts thus revealing the sexiest part of any man's body--hairy, white thighs. This picture reminds me of one of those "caught on camera" shots.

Sara, Dani & Me.

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VoNique and Jared said...

Is Jared working for Amazon instead of Ernst & Young? What's the deal?