Dear Summer,

You bring so much sunshine and play into my life! I love the lakes, the camping, the warm nights full of people, frisbee at the park, the picnics, vacations, the shorts and flip-flops, our birthdays, concerts, and oh... the break from school. How could I ever forget the last one?

We gratefully lived this summer in the mission field. I love talking to people about my religion, my beliefs, and what keeps me going. Even better, I love helping people find what makes sense and watching people really think about life and its purpose. I've had some of the best conversations with new friends, and I love learning more about people's backgrounds. We are all so unique.

Jared and I celebrated the big 25 and 22 this summer. I could spend a lifetime spoiling Jared like it was his birthday everyday. I'm pretty sure I was more excited about his birthday this year than he was. It will be better when I can focus all of my time and energy on my kids' birthdays, but until then Jared has it all coming his way.

We travelled with EY and our families to some really fun places, and we definitely took advantage of living in a new area. We spent our weekends exploring Seattle on "mini-vacations" if you will. This is what I tell myself to justify how much we spent on rent, and it works most of the time. We're really lucky we could tag along with others and go see other parts of the country too.

We endured our first Sunday dinners by ourselves. Previous to Summer '08, J and I had never once cooked a Sunday meal. We have a permanent and ongoing reservation at my parents every Sunday, but we managed to survive and cooked some pretty tasty food.

We fell in love with Seattle--its water, people, and the abundant green EVERYWHERE. The city will always hold a place in my heart.

Thanks Summer '08!

Yours truly,


Sidenote: School began yesterday, and I'm already going 100 miles an hour to try to keep up. I'm really going to take advantage of my last year of school and the flexible schedule I have. Not sure how - I already lost my "good" attidtude, but my internship really hammered down how much freedom school brings and how quickly the real world is approaching. So it's life in the slow lane for me this year.


Ryan and Breelyn Ehin said...

I loved that Ode to Summer! :) I'm so glad you got to enjoy and fall in love with Seattle. It's a hard city not to fall for though :) I also will truly miss summer!!!!! Back in the school saddle we go :( Boo hoo hoo!

ms-mclaws said...

Yay! We are both back in Provo! I would love to see you my dearest. Lunch sometime soon?

Christina and Ryan said...

Isn't is awful how much more fun being in school is than working a full time job? HOW COME nobody told me that college is the best time of your life? Also, now I know why so many girls get pregnant soon after they get married: it's more fun to stay home with a baby than to go to work. Don't worry, I'm not hinting at anything :) and just so you know I am doing accounting at work. haha!

Mrs. said...

Congrats on the new school year. Hope you enjoy your last one!