We have a home in Seattle!

Today really is one of the better days of my life. Everyday for the last 2 months I’ve been searching really hard to find an apartment for Jared and me in Seattle. Today the whole process finally worked out to sublet an apartment. It’s a studio located less than five miles from the office, and utilities and internet are included along with free parking. It’s probably 400 square feet and old, but it’s totally better than living on the street or in the car.

Also on the note of exciting happenings. . . today we booked our flights for our internship orientation and training. We start working on June 25th, which just so happens to my birthday, and then that same day at 5:00 PM we fly to Santa Clara for orientation. The next week I have training in San Francisco, and Jared will be busy working in Seattle for the week. I might have to take advantage of being alone in an enormous, shopping-friendly city. Cheers!

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Christina & Ryan said...

I really hope that the reason you got this place is because you told them that you and Jared are both vegetarian.