Jazz Game

Thanks to lots of great friends, we now have a blog! Here goes my first entry:

Last night Jared and I went to a Jazz game. I gave Jared the tickets for Valentines Day. He loves sports so I knew I couldn't go wrong with some sort of tickets. I think basketball is my favorite sport to watch. It's easiest for me to understand and the games aren't really long. I have to take my sports in doses.

We went to dinner first at our favorite restaurant--Texas Roadhouse. Without fail, we eat the four rolls they give you when you are seated by the time our waitress first comes to the table. Last night was no different. I love 'em! Oh, and other good news. . . a new Texas Roadhouse might be coming to American Fork. Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

After we ate, we we're off to the game. Jason and Erica (Jared's bro. and his wife) met us at the ESA for the game. The Jazz beat the Bobcats by 22 points.

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Rebecca said...

So I LOVE the blog! I am glad you are on board with the whole blogger movement! The pic is fabulous! Have a great week and I'll talk to you when I get back! I hope you survive March Madness! Love you!